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Rag Rug Headband Kit



POSTAGE UPDATE: We are sending out your rag rug goodies as normal, but the post is a little slow (Royal Mail are snowed under). Orders are taking around 2-6 days to arrive. For more details click here

Before choosing your first Ragged Life Rag Rug Kit, you may want to read our handy guide explaining the differences between all our great kits over on the Ragged Life Blog here

And, if you already have the rag rug tools, but still want to make a Rag Rug Headband, you can buy the hessian pack without the tools here

Our "Rag Rug Headband Kit" includes the tools and instructions to make three customisable rag rug headbands, which are the perfect project to put a smile on your face. Our kit includes: 

- Rag Rug Spring Tool (the easiest and quickest tool to do shaggy rag rugging) - you can see how easy it is to use here.  

- Hemmed Headband Hessian (enough to make three customisable rag rug headbands) - no need to do anything with this hessian so you can get rag rugging straight away!

- 3 Headband Bases (choose from black, brown or blonde, although most will be covered by the rag rugging). 

- Rag Rug Gauge - this is a time- and effort-saving tool to make cutting up your fabric pieces for shaggy rag rugging that little bit easier. Our wooden gauge cuts fabric pieces to approximately 7.5cm (which can be trimmed down to different lengths after the headband is constructed). 

- Instructional DVD - this includes videos introducing the equipment, advising on fabric usage, tips on creating strips for rag rugging and 'how to' videos for both rag rugging techniques using both the latch hook and spring tool.

- Spring Tool Techniques Booklet - includes step-by-step instructions and photos of how to do the shaggy rag rug technique using the spring tool.

- Headband Assembly Booklet - with design tips and step-by-step instructions on how to assemble your headbands once you've finished your rag rugging.  

Please note that this kit does not include fabric. We believe that one of the joys of rag rugging is in using up old clothing and offcuts that you have lying around (it's great for making you reevaluate your wardrobe). 

You can use any fabric to rag rug with (jersey, cotton, lycra, velvet, fleece etc...), but we recommend that you use lighter, floatier fabrics for your rag rug headbands. For more inspiration, check out our Rag Rug Headband Blog Post. As this is a new project, we'll be adding more inspiration as we go, do bear with us :) 

 Psst... For only £9 extra you can add the headbands and hessian to make 3 more headbands. 

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