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Rag Rug Starter Kit

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Our classic Ragged Life "Rag Rug Starter Kit" is perfect for anyone looking to try out rag rugging for the first time. It includes:

- Latch Hook (the main tool we use for both the rag rugging techniques)

100 x 60cm Hemmed Rug Hessian (no need to do anything with this hessian so you can get rag rugging straight away!) 

Wooden Cutting Gauge (a time- and effort-saving tool to make cutting up your fabric pieces that little bit easier. Ours has a wide, deep groove to prevent your fabric scissors getting blunted)

Instructional DVD (with an intro to the equipment, tips on how to prepare the fabric and " how to" videos for both rag rugging techniques - shaggy & loopy)

Instruction Booklet (With easy to follow step by step instructions & photos)

Marker Pen (for sketching out your design onto the hessian) 

All you need to track down is a pair of fabric scissors and some fabric (of which absolutely anything can be used) and you're ready to get rag rugging. 

For only £11 extra you can buy our Rag Rug Deluxe Kit which has all the above as well as a pair of Brand New Professional Rag Rug Fabric Scissors

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