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Crafty Rag Rug Notebook


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About this product:

I thought long and hard about what I would want from a notebook when designing my first ever Ragged Life stationary so here are the things that I think make my Crafty Rag Rug Notebook stand out from the crowd:


I love love love stationary but I find that notebooks with only lined paper curb my creativity - I want space to sketch, doodle and plan rag rug projects without interruption. That's why my Crafty Rag Rug Notebook has alternating plain &amp lined pages - so you can free your crafty creativeness... whether it's card-making concepts, knitting patterns or a full rag rug design... the sky's the limit!  


This notebook is one of a kind. It features three of my iconic rag rug designs, including sections from my iconic "Rainbow Rug", "Cosmic Rug" and "Splash of Summer Rug". All the designs are bright, fun and bound to bring a smile to your face. A lot of love went into creating these pieces & I hope that's reflected in the Crafty Rag Rug Notebook. 


Some notebooks look very pretty but aren't very practical when push comes to shove. I've made sure that not only does our notebook look great, but it is great to use too. It has a handy pen holder (no more fumbling around in the bottom of your handbag), as well as an elastic strap to keep it closed and compact when you're not using it. I'm sure you'll love these simple additions :) 

So that's my Crafty Rag Rug Notebook in all its glory (who would have thought so much went into it!) and if you're looking for more lovely Rag Rug products, definitely take a look at my Crafty Cuppa Rag Rug Mugs


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Psst… if you're looking for more lovely Rag Rug products, definitely take a look at our Crafty Cuppa Rag Rug Mugs