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In October, 2016 my book, "Rag Rugs, Pillows, & More", was launched in the USA and the UK - hooray! With my first ever book, I really wanted to push the boundaries of rag rugging and bring it into the 21st century with bright, contemporary designs for traditional and modern homes alike. Whether you're a seasoned crafter or someone who thinks they're the definition of cack-handed, there's truly a project to suit everyone inside.

"Rag Rugs, Pillows & More" begins with the very basics of rag rugging - the tools, techniques, design tips and aftercare information. It then covers over 30 fun rag rug projects, with clear step by step instructions and illustrations, to help readers to hone their skills over time. The projects range in difficulty from the very simple (hair accessories and bag detailing, for example) right up to more intricate pieces (clutch bags, bunting etc...) allowing you to build up confidence through a number of homeware, seasonal and rug projects. Pick up a signed copy on our online shop today!


Rag Rug Techniques for Beginners

In 2021, I launched my second book “Rag Rug Techniques for Beginners”.  It covers eight different techniques of rag rug making from across the world, all of which are easy to learn and hard to put down. Starting with general techniques that are useful for any budding rag rugger – deconstructing clothing, how to cut your strips quickly etc… - this book is then broken down into eight chapters – one for each separate rag rug technique. This means that you can drop in and out of the book, focussing on the technique that suits you in the moment.

Each technique chapter covers the equipment you’ll need, a detailed run through of the technique including step by step instructions and illustrations, followed by at least three beginner projects. These range in size from large area rugs and a full-size rag rug Christmas tree to beach baskets and rag rug flower bouquets. There’s truly a project to suit everyone. This book is also choc-full of useful design tips and tricks, so you can benefit from all my years of experimentation. Basically, after reading this book, you will have the know-how and confidence to turn any old fabric and clothing into any number of lovely rag rug projects. 



"Elspeth’s book, Rag Rug, Pillows and More, takes rag rugging to a whole new dimension. It show this simple technique can create beautiful patterns that you would be proud to have in your living room. I love the quirkiness of some of the other projects from initials, to poufs, draft excluders and picture frames. My favourite however is the Christmas wreath – a project I have had the pleasure of making myself already! Great DIYs, thrifty and a great hobby to get into if you are new to this technique!"
- Maggy Woodley, Red Ted Art

"Elspeth's book is full of fun and interesting projects to get you started with rag rugging. There are loads of helpful tips and ways to improve, using all your stash at home. The pictures throughout the book are beautiful and the diagrams easy to understand so that you can make your own beautiful piece to display or give. Definitely a book to buy and give for the crafter in your life, who really needs to use up their stash!
- H, Live it. Love it. Make it


"Rag Rugs, Pillows, & More" can be bought from our Ragged Life online shop or from a number of physical stores. Below is a list of the shops who currently stock our book but please do ring ahead to avoid disappointment:

Foyles, Waterstone. Caxton Books & Gallery, Jarrold & Sons, Harleys Interiors

Hobby Lobby, Jo-Ann's Craft Store,