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Rug Warp for Peg Looms / Two String Looms


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In my second book "Rag Rug Techniques for Beginners", I teach readers how to peg loom weave and use a two string loom to create beautiful upcycled rugs and smaller textile projects. You can read an overview of these techniques on my "About Rag Rug Techniques" page here

About this product:

To peg loom weave or use a two string loom, you need "warp" to build up a framework that holds your rag rugging together. The warp is usually a type of string / yarn, which is thin but extra strong. The last thing you want is for the warp to snap part way through a project as it means your creation will fall apart! 

This rug warp is tried and tested by the Ragged Life team. It's what we use in all our projects and workshops. 

This listing is for 350g cones (approx 1000 metres) of warp, specifically sourced for weaving and rag rugging. Our Ragged Life warp is 90% wool and 10% nylon. The wool is superlative quality and the 10% nylon gives strength to the warp, which is immensely important for longevity. 

The colour of the warp itself doesn't matter in peg loom weaving or two string looming as it doesn't show, but the warp we sell is a subtle ecru colour, which is neutral and versatile. 

Other Uses:

As well as being excellent as warp, this wool / nylon blend can be used for knitting and crochet too. I've been told that it works particularly well for socks given how strong it is. It is approx 4 ply for anyone looking to multipurpose. 

Need the Looms or Instructions?

If you're interested in learning peg loom weaving or two string looming, we recommend buying a copy of "Rag Rug Techniques for Beginners", which includes all our advice on preparing fabrics, warping up the looms and the techniques themselves. It even has three beginner projects for each technique to get you started.... If you'd like the looms themselves, you can buy a peg loom here or a two string loom here. 

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