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"One-off Wonders" from the Mill

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Sometimes when we visit the mills, we come across the most amazing fabrics, remnants and materials. They're generally too fabulous to miss out on and we never know whether we'll see them again! This listing is for all those "One-off Wonders" that we find and can't bear not to bring home with us. 

About this product:

Each item is individually priced up and when it's gone, it's gone. If you've got a question about any of the individual items in this listing, then please do drop us an email or read on below... 

1kg Box of Mixed Mohair Fabric Pieces - £35 / Box:

These 1kg boxes contains a variety of sizes, shapes and shades of 100% wool mohair fabric pieces. These are not perfect fat quarters of mohair - some pieces in each box will be large enough to make a full cushion (front and back), but others may be small and uneven in shape. Some could even be a finished scarf! We've included a real mix of colours in each box, but the shades just seem to go together naturally, which is a real bonus. You can see a video of some of the boxes we've pulled together here

What do you use them for, I hear you ask! Personally, we've cut them into long strips and used them for the loopy technique and peg loom weaving (see photos of those here). However, I'm sure they could be put to better use, as they're such beautiful quality. Ideas I've had include patchwork, sewing projects, scarves, plush pet beds and appliqué / embellishment. NB, I wouldn't use them for the shaggy technique as they'll give off too much fluff! 

Mohair - £10 / Ball:

These 250g balls are made up of approx 1m strips of beautiful woven mohair. Like our blanket yarn, these mohair strips are 100% wool and exceptionally soft and fluffy. We've used mohair strips for peg loom weaving and loopy rag rugging, but the sky's the limit in terms of what it can be used for, particularly if you sew the lengths together. 

Chenille - £6 / Ball:

We’ve yet to try everything we can with the chenille yarn, but what we have worked out is that it looks great loopy rag rugged (particularly as a cushion!) We wouldn’t, however, recommend cutting it into smaller pieces for shaggy rag rugging, as it sheds when cut horizontally.

As the chenille yarn is a lighter-weight than our classic woollen blanket yarn, it can be rag rugged full width, which means less cutting  Equally, you can cut it up the middle lengthways if you find it easier.

1.5kg Mixed Blanket Scraps - £15 / Box:

These 1.5kg bundles are made up of varied-width colourful scraps of blanket that we find in the bales we bring back from the mill. These strips and pieces are generally wider and scrappier than our regular blanket yarn, so require more preparation, but it's worth it for the value they offer for pure wool. 1.5kg of blanket yarn would usually cost £60, but we're offering a limited number of these boxes for only £15 a piece, as we need to make space in the studio.  

We include a variety of different colours and patterns in these boxes and they are the exact same 100% wool scraps we used to make this blanket yarn rug. They would be brilliant if you wanted to make a completely woollen shaggy, short shaggy or loopy rag rug. The scraps range in length, but are generally under one metre.

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