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Pair of Rag Rug Mugs


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Have a cuppa while you craft with our fabulous Rag Rug Rainbow & Rag Rug Polkadot Mugs. Separately each mug costs £5.99 but here you can buy the pair for only £9.99. They're bound to bring colourful cheer to any kitchen or home. Here are a few things which make our mugs so wonderful: 


Every design featured on one of our Rag Rug Mugs is a section from a real life rag rug, designed and made by the Ragged Life team in the UK. Our Rag Rug Rainbow mug showcases a section from our iconic "Rainbow Rag Rug" which featured on the front cover of my book, "Rag Rugs, Pillows & More" (you might say it was a celebrity in the world of rag rugs) and our Rag Rug Polkadot Mug is taken from our crowd-favourite "Cosmic Rag Rug". Both mugs show all the texture, fabrics and lumps & bumps that make these rag rugs one off and unique - a lot of love went into making them which I'm sure comes across in the bright and beautiful mugs themselves. 


I believe that if you're going to make something, you should do it properly which is why all my Rag Rug Mugs are made using new bone china. What difference does that make? Well anyone in the know will tell you that mugs made using new bone china make for a smooth and superior brew. New bone china mugs also retain the heat better (perfect for when you're picking up and putting down your craft project) and stand the test of time better than mugs made using inferior materials. Now that's quality worth investing in! 


Anyone who has met me knows that I'm quite partial to a good cup of tea (Yorkshire Tea, to be precise). When I make a cuppa, I like it to last a while which is why these mugs are a decent size. They fit approximately 400ml of tea, which means nothing to most people but trust me when I say, they fit more than the average cup which means fewer trips to the kettle - hooray! 

So that is my Rag Rug Mugs in all their glory (who would have thought so much went into them!) and if you're looking for more lovely Rag Rug products, definitely take a look at my Crafty Rag Rug Notebook.

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Psst… if you're looking for more lovely Rag Rug products, definitely take a look at our Crafty Rag Rug Notebook