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Recycled Sari Silk Ribbon - 10 Ball Selection Pack

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About this product:

Up until now, we've only ever sold our beautiful recycled sari silk ribbon in 100g skeins, but this listing is for a limited number of Sari Silk Ribbon Selection Packs.

Each selection pack consists of ten 25g balls of gorgeous sari silk ribbon, so 250g fabric in total. These smaller balls give you more variety for your money, which is a real boon if you're wanting to create more varied designs or pictorial rag rug pieces. 

We've listed two selection pack options to choose from - "Land" and "Sea". "Land" consists of a mix of warm colours, such as pinks, oranges, yellows, creams etc... while "Sea" features blues, greens, purples, greys and creams. Each selection pack varies slightly but is in the same colour palette. 

Remember, you can always buy the individual colours separately. If you're interested in those then click here

What is Sari Silk Ribbon? 

Originating from South Asia, a "sari" is a long piece of often brightly coloured and embroidered, silk, cotton, or synthetic cloth. It is generally worn by women as an outer garment, where it is wrapped around the waist, with one end draped over the shoulder, partly showing the midriff. 

Sari silk ribbon is crafted from the remnants of sari material that is either left over from creating full saris, or from saris that are no longer wearable. These beautiful offcuts are hand crafted into one long continuous strip of silk fabric that can be used for rag rugging and other textile crafts. 

Why Sari Silk Ribbon is great: 

We've been trying to get our hands on some ethically-sourced sari silk ribbon for quite a while now for all the reasons below... 

1) Silk is wonderful quality and looks amazing. As a fabric, silk is vibrant and rich in colour and texture. Its natural glow elevates any rag rug design or textile project. Silk will always be the star of the show and quality fabric lasts longer. 

2) Sari silk ribbon comes pre-cut into strips, which saves time cutting. Sari silk ribbon is the perfect width for rug hooking using the loopy technique.  

3) It's recycled. We're giving these offcuts a new lease of life and using them to create something both beautiful and practical. 

4) Sari silk ribbon is light in weight, which makes it the perfect material for pictorial wall hangings, cushions, bouquets and more. It holds its shape very well, so makes beautiful 3D flowers.

5) Sari silk ribbon has wonderful texture. The frayed edges and handmade nature of the sari silk ribbon add interest and texture to your rag rugging with no extra effort. 

6) Sari silk is never a flat colour. Each skein has lighter or darker hues and interesting accents. Some even have the shadow of the sari patterns themselves. These details add interest to your rag rugging with no extra work. 

7) Sari silk ribbon can be used for all sorts of crafts. Knitting, crochet, weaving, appliqué, jewellery making, twining, punch needle, shuttle hooking, textile art... you can really get creative with it! 

Notes on Colours: 

None of our sari silk ribbons are a homogenous, flat colour. They've been hand dyed with eco-friendly dyes and often feature flecks of other colours. Sometimes they have embellishment or pattern from the saris themselves (embroidered flowers, small tassels etc...) These variations in colour and texture make your rag rugging look even better! 

We've photographed all our sari silk ribbons in natural light, but different devices display colours differently, so check out our Individual Sari Silk Ribbon listing for one line descriptions of each colour. 

How much do I need? 

It takes approx 250g of sari silk ribbon to cover one 40 x 40cm cushion face in the loopy technique and 500g in the shaggy technique. Please get in touch if you are unsure. 

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Psst… Remember, you can always buy the individual colours separately. If you're interested in those then click here. 😊