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Toothbrush Rug Needle


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This nifty tool is used to make Toothbrush Rugs, otherwise known as Amish Knot Rugs, as well as for Nålbinding. This style of rag rugging looks similar to crochet, but is in fact made up of a series of half-hitch knots, which are built up in rows. Rugs created in this way are usually circular or oval in shape. 

Our Ragged Life toothbrush rug needle is made of hardwood and features a large eye, through which long fabric strips are threaded up. 

We are currently working on a series of rug making patterns and projects to accompany this tool, so please do bear with us. 

NB: We often find these toothbrush needles useful for other crafts as well. For example, we use them instead of darning needles for sewing in tails and they're particularly useful for twining the last few rows of a twined rag rug. 

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Psst… this technique of rag rugging can also be used to make baskets, bowls and 3D items, so once you've got the hang of it, the possibilities are endless!