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I'm Elspeth, founder of Ragged Life. If you've made your way here then the chances are that you've purchased one of our Ragged Life kits (or better yet, you've been the lucky recipient of a thoughtful present). Either way, welcome! I just know you're going to fall in love with rag rugging, and I bet you can't wait to get stuck in.

This Kit Companion page includes all the basic rag rug resources to get you going with your first project. However, if after wading through all this juicy content, you still can't find what you're looking for, then scroll to the bottom of the page to get in touch. We're perfectly friendly, so don't hesitate to drop us a line.

Here's what's covered below:

- Techniques Videos
- Bonus Videos
- First Project Design Tips
- Rag Rugging with Blanket Yarn
- FAQs
- Additional Resources
- Get in touch!

Techniques Vidoes

To get to grips with the tools and techniques of rag rugging, we recommend watching our Introduction to Rag Rugging playlist before starting your first project.

However, if you just want a refresher in one of the techniques then you can also select a specific video to watch below.

Introduction to the rag rug tools
What fabrics can be used
Creating your strips for rag rugging
Shaggy rag rugging with the spring tool
Shaggy rag rugging with the latch hook
Short shaggy rag rugging with the spring tool
Loopy rag rugging with the rug hook
Loopy rag rugging with the latch hook

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Bonus Videos

Already whizzed through the videos above? Don’t worry, we’ve developed the below videos to go deeper into the special features of our tools and techniques. We hope you find them interesting and useful. Keep your eyes peeled as we’ll be adding videos to this area as time goes on…

What makes rag rug scissors so great?
How to use the rag rug gauge
Rag rugging with blanket yarn
How to make a rag rug letter

First Project Design tips

As crafters ourselves, we know that it’s totally demoralising when you spend hours making something, only to realise that you’re not happy with the end result. So, to prevent that from happening, we’ve pulled together some of our best beginner design tips to ensure you create a rag rug piece you’ll love. Click through to our blog post below...

First Project Design Tips: Rugs & Other projects (cushions, bouquets, basket trims, shopping bags etc...)

Psst: If you’d like to develop your design skills further, sign up for one of our “How to Design a Rag Rug” live online workshops. They’re a hoot and will really take your designs to the next level.

Rag Rugging with Blanket Yarn

If you’ve been lucky enough to get your hands on some of our 100% Wool Blanket Yarn then below has a few of the key dos and don’ts of working with it and making the most of your balls.

Blanket yarn can be used for the shaggy, short shaggy and loopy techniques.

You may need to cut some blanket yarns in half lengthways to make them thinner, and therefore easier to work with.

You can rag rug with the woollen strands between your fabric strips (as I have done in this rug), or cut them out.

A 100 x 60cm medium rug takes 1.3-2.6kg of blanket yarn to make, depending on the technique used. A 40 x 40cm cushion takes 300-600g, depending on the technique.

For more tips, including quantity calculation, watch our Rag Rugging with Blanket Yarn video and read our Blanket Yarn blog post.


It’s hard to cover all the quirks of rag rugging in our videos and kit booklets, so we’ve pulled together some frequently asked questions and their answers below. Hopefully they’ll put your mind at ease and will save you having to trawl Google.

Do I rag rug through the hemming?

My fabric is shedding a lot – is that bad? Can I wash a rag rug?

What stops the rags from falling out? How long does it take to make a rag rug?

If you think of any other questions that you think we should address in this list, please email it over to

Additional resources

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