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100% Wool Blanket Yarn - Reds, Oranges & Yellows

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About this product:

Here you can browse our range of beautiful woollen blanket yarns, which are sold individually in 250g balls. These balled up strips of blanket and scarf can be used for most techniques of rag rugging, including shaggy (proggy), short shaggy, loopy, peg loom weaving, locker hooking, weaving, twining and more... For a summary of the techniques of rag rugging, check out our "About" page here. This blanket yarn is ideal for making long-lasting rugs, sophisticated cushions and much more. 

This listing includes our red, orange and yellow blanket yarns. Think sunsets, autumn leaves and vibrant Summer flowers. We are continually adding more yarns, so if you looking for a specific shade, get in touch as we may have exactly what you're looking for in the studio. 

Want to save 25% on the price? Check out our "Fully Wool Rug" Blanket Yarn Discount below.

Why blanket yarn is great:

100% Wool Blanket Yarn has fast become one of our favourite materials to rag rug with for a number of reasons:

1) It's 100% wool, so is not only super soft, but also excellent quality. It's an absolute pleasure to work with, and any rug or cushion made in blanket yarn will last for generations. 

2) Fabric yarn comes pre-cut into strips, which saves on cutting time. We recommend cutting the strips in half for ease of use and to make them go further, but that takes considerably less time than breaking down any item of clothing into strips. 

3) It looks gorgeous when rag rugged. The texture and depth of colour is just lovely. Don't believe us, check out our Blanket Yarn Inspiration Blog Post here

4) It's sustainable. Our blanket yarn is made from offcuts from blanket production in Yorkshire, so you can rest assured that every ball you use is less wastage going to landfill. 

5) It goes far. Blanket yarn is thick, which means that it covers the hessian much quicker than most fabrics. This means that you can rag rug further apart and your rag rug creation will be done in no time. 

Find out more:

Intrigued by our blanket yarn? Don't forget to check out our Blanket Yarn Inspiration Blog Post to browse some of our blanket yarn creations and for tips on usage.  

"Fully Wool Rug" Blanket Yarn Discount:

We offer an automatic discount on any purchase of eight balls of fully priced (£10 / ball) blanket yarn. When you buy eight balls of blanket yarn, you'll get them for the price of six, saving 25%! 

"Why eight?", you may ask. It takes eight 250g balls of blanket yarn to fully rag rug our 100 x 60cm medium rug hessian in the shaggy rag rug technique, so this will give you enough material to make a fully wool rug. And with eight balls, you could make two 100 x 60cm rug in the loopy technique of rag rugging! Eight just seemed to make sense.

Blanket Yarn "Lucky Dip Pack":

Don't want to commit to a full 250g of one colour? Check out our Blanket Yarn 1kg Lucky Dip Pack, which includes at least ten smaller balls of mixed plain and patterned blanket yarn. Same great quality, more variety! 

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Psst… these are the blanket yarns we currently have listed and in stock, but we are always adding new yarns as they're picked up from the mill and balled up. Do get in touch if you're looking for something specific that isn't listed as you never know, we may well have it in but not listed yet! Please note, we rarely get the exact same blanket yarns twice, so it's better to over-order than under-order. You can always return / exchange blanket yarns you have not used. We aim to please 😊