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Cotton Cord for Coiled Rope Rag Rugs & Bowls

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In my latest book "Rag Rug Techniques for Beginners",  readers learn how to use the coiled rope technique of rag rugging to make gorgeous rugs, practical bowls and beautiful baskets with cord and old rags. The more I think about this technique, the more ideas I have! 

About this product:

Here you can buy the quality cord which forms the base for all our coiled rope rag rug projects. 

Buy 30 metre lengths of cord, which can be joined together or cut shorter for different sized coiled pieces. Our Ragged Life cord has a synthetic core for strength and longevity, but a soft cotton exterior to make sewing through it easy.

30 metres goes further than you think. You will be able to make a couple of coiled bowls or a small basket with handles from one 30 metre length. 

Wanting to make a bigger product? You can join lengths together easily too (details in "Rag Rug Techniques for Beginners" or in the optional extra Instruction Booklet - see below for details). 


Need Instructions?

Don't own a copy of "Rag Rug Techniques for Beginners"? For only £3 extra, you can add a "Coiled Rope Techniques Booklet" to your order when checking out. This booklet contains step by step instructions on how you can use this technique to make a coiled rag rug bowl. Simply select it in the drop down menu. 


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Psst… the coiled cord technique of rag rug making can be done without the need for a sewing machine by simply wrapping the fabric-covered cord around pre-existing items like pots, bins or baskets. You can then glue the cord in position.