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Hemmed Rug Hessian / Burlap - Extra Large



POSTAGE UPDATE: We are sending out your rag rug goodies as normal, but the post is a little slow (Royal Mail are snowed under). Orders are taking around 2-6 days to arrive. For more details click here

Hessian (burlap) is the base material used in traditional British rag rugging. Choosing the correct weave of hessian is incredibly important as looser weaves do not hold the rags in securely and tight hessian can be difficult to rag rug with. 

This 200 x 140cm piece of hessian is a medium weave (10 holes per inch / 10 HPI) which is perfect for both beginner and expert rag ruggers to use with a latch hook or spring tool. All the edges have been securely hemmed so that you are ready to rag rug straight away (no faffing with a sewing machine!) 

This is the exact same hessian used to make all our Ragged Life projects so you can rest assured that you're buying what the experts use.

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