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Rag Rug Spring Tool & Gauge



The Ragged Life Rag Rug Spring Tool and Wooden Cutting gauge are the quickest and easiest tools to make shaggy and short shaggy rag rugs. Here you can buy the pair together and save money. 

We'll even include a Free Fabric Strip Width Measure card to make cutting your strips even easier! 

What makes the Ragged Life Rag Rug Spring Tool so special?

  • Our tool is based on a vintage design that was perfected over decades. The Ragged Life spring tool was carefully crafted to incorporate all the best parts of the vintage design with a few modifications based on our years of rag rug experience. We now think that we've created the perfect tool for shaggy rag rugging.
  • It makes shaggy rag rugging quicker and easier than ever before. With the Ragged Life Rag Rug Spring Tool, you can shaggy rag rug each piece with one action (as opposed to two motions with the latch hook). This makes rag rugging with the spring tool quicker and easier than with other methods.
  • You work from the front of the hessian so you can see exactly how your rag rugging looks as and when you do it. This allows you to design and execute with confidence.
  • The slim, pointed end keeps your hessian in tip top condition. Other rag rug tools we've tried are bulky and create large holes in the hessian. Our Ragged Life Rag Rug Spring Tool slides easily into the hessian without damaging the weave.

How do I use it?

We've pulled together step by step photos on how to use the tool over on the Ragged Life Blog here or you can see the tool in action on our YouTube channel here

What makes the Ragged Life Rag Rug Gauge great?

Our Ragged Life Rag Rug Gauge helps you cut fabric strips to the correct length for shaggy rag rugging. We've spent a lot of time designing and tweaking our gauge to make it the very best it can be. Our gauge... 

- Has a deeper groove than normal to prevent scissors snagging on the wood when cutting - protecting your expensive fabric scissors! 
- Is made of a quality beech wood for longevity. 
- Is longer than most gauges to fit more rags on at the same time. 

 Happy Rag Rugging! 

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