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Two String Loom - Beginner Set


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This method is probably one of the easiest methods of rag rugging out there and everything you need to start is included in this set. This technique of rag rugging creates a long strand of shaggy rag rugging which can be stitched together or wrapped around things to create completely unique, textured rag rug projects. You can see examples of two string loomed projects below from my second book "Rag Rug Techniques for Beginners"

Two string loom rug and rag Christmas tree

The pieces of fabric required for this technique are so small (approx 1.5 x 9cm in size) that it's particularly great for stash busting. You can mix all different types of fabric together in one piece and even yarn!  What's more, once you have the loom, you have it for life, so you can make as many projects as you want on it. 

About this product:

Our "Two String Loom - Beginner Set" includes all the tools you need to do two string looming - the loom, two reels of quality warp (string), a cutting gauge and instructions. All you need to do is find some old fabric and you're good to go! 

The Two String Loom:

Our Ragged Life two string loom is British-made and has all the necessary features for you to suspend two taut strings on which to knot your rags. You can create any length of two string looming on it, but we've made the footprint as small as possible to minimise the space it takes up at home. There's not much to be said other than that it does the job and it does it well! 

String (Warp):

You need two lots of string to warp up your loom (hence the name). Our "Two String Loom - Beginner Set" comes with two 1000 metre cones of string that will last for even the largest of projects (my tree above took 60 metres of each warp to give you context). Each cone has a hole in the centre so that they can be placed on the dowels at the back of the two string loom to keep things neat. Most importantly though, our 90% wool, 10% nylon blend of warp is extremely strong and will not break easily. 

Cutting Gauge:

Our Ragged Life Cutting Gauge allows you to turn long strips of fabric into short pieces that are approx 9cm in length, which are perfect for working with on the Two String Loom. Watch a video on how to use the Rag Rug Cutting Gauge here

Instruction Booklet:

Our instruction booklet that comes with the "Two String Loom - Beginner Set" includes step by step instructions and illustrations on how to warp up the two string loom and how to rag rug on it. If you would like step-by-step instructions for specific projects, we recommend buying a copy of "Rag Rug Techniques for Beginners"

What else you will need: 

As well as the items above, you will need fabric and a good pair of scissors.


You can use any fabric scraps on a two string loom, however I recommend you stay away from very thick, stiff fabrics which are harder to knot around the strings.

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Psst… in the lead up to Christmas, we often run two string looming workshops where we make table top Christmas trees. Take a look at our full list of upcoming classes here.