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Please note that this kit does not include fabric. We believe that one of the joys of rag rugging is in using up old clothing and offcuts that you have lying around (it's great for making you reevaluate your wardrobe). 

You can use any fabric to rag rug with (jersey, cotton, lycra, velvet, fleece etc...), but we recommend that beginners start with thinner fabrics such as t-shirt material and cotton. If you'd like to buy fabric for rag rugging then take a look at our 100% Wool Blanket Yarn, which is super soft to rag rug with.



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Ultimate Rag Rug Kit


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About this kit:

Our Ultimate Rag Rug Kit is for those who are looking for all the very best tools to be able to start on their rag rugging journey. There's really nothing more you could possibly need.

Here's what is included:

- Signed Copy of "Rag Rugs, Pillows & More" - Elspeth Jackson's first rag rug book provides over 30 rag rug projects for you to try, ranging from the cute clutch bags to rag rug pouffes. All projects come with beautiful, inspiring photos and step-by-step illustrations. Below are a few examples of what you can expect in the book:

 Projects from Rag Rugs, Pillows & More

- Rag Rug Scissors - rag rugging involves a lot of cutting of fabric, which is why it's important to have the best scissors for the job. Our rag rug scissors are specifically designed to work with a whole spectrum of different fabrics - from jersey, cotton and lycra, right up to blanket yarn, fleece and denim. They are also made to cut through lots of layers of fabric at the same time to reduce on fabric prep time. See how we use our rag rug scissors here.

Rag Rug Spring Tool - this is the quickest and easiest tool to make shaggy and short shaggy rag rugs. Read more about why we love the Spring Tool and see it in action here

Ragged Life Rug Hook - this is the quickest and easiest tool to make loopy rag rugs. Our hook is perfectly crafted to make loopy rag rugging a doddle. You can see it in action here 

Rag Rug Gauge - this is a time- and effort-saving tool to make cutting up your fabric pieces for shaggy and short shaggy rag rugging that little bit easier. Our wooden gauge cuts fabric pieces to approximately 7.5cm (which is the perfect length for rugs, cushions, wreaths and more) and has a wide, deep groove to prevent your fabric scissors getting blunted. 

Marker Pen - for sketching your design onto the hessian.

100 x 60cm Hemmed Rug Hessian - our hessian is the perfect weave for rag rugging (10 holes per inch) and is entirely pre-hemmed and prepared so you can start rag rugging straight away.

- Rag Rug Techniques Booklet - includes step-by-step instructions and photos of how to do the shaggy, short shaggy and loopy rag rug techniques using multiple tools, as well as advice on spacing, troubleshooting and more. 

- Exclusive access to the Kit Companion page on the Ragged Life website - this login-protected area of the website includes videos introducing the equipment, advice on fabric usage, tips for creating strips for rag rugging, 'how to' videos, design tips for beginners, FAQs and much much more. It's a treasure trove of rag rug knowledge. 

- FREE Practice Hessian - this small bit of hessian allows you to practice the techniques of rag rugging before moving onto your actual rag rug project.  We are sadly out of stock of practice hessian, so we will include a cushion hessian instead.

- FREE Crafty Notebook - a great crafty notebook with plain and lined pages for you to brainstorm all your crafty creations.

Kit Add-On Discount: 

Add any piece of additional hessian (cushion, wreath, bouquet, XL hessian, pre-printed etc...) to your cart for 25% off that second piece of hessian. This means you've got your next project lined up after you complete your first! 

Discount valid with the purchase of any Ragged Life Adult Kit and automatically applies at checkout. 

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Psst... This kit is totally the best. There's nothing more that you could possibly need to start out. However, if you would like to give yourself a helping hand to start with, check out our 100% Wool Blanket Yarn, which is conveniently cut into strips ready to rag rug with.