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Large Peg Loom (90cm)

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About this product: 

With our new, longer peg loom, you can now weave rugs up to 90cm in width and as long as you like! This large peg loom is perfect for anyone looking to build floor coverings, cushions and wall hangings quickly and easily. If you'd like to read how this technique compares to others, check out our About Rag Rug Techniques Page

The loom: 

This listing is for our Ragged Life 90 x 10cm hardwood peg loom. 

Unlike more basic peg looms, our loom is drilled with three rows of holes to allow you to work with all different thicknesses of fabric, as well as yarn. Specifically...  

- Row 1 has 35 holes, spaced approx 2.5cm apart to work with thick fabrics such as woollen jumpers, denim, blanket yarn, fleece etc...  

- Row 2 has 47 holes, spaced approx 1.9cm apart to work with medium-weight fabrics such as jersey, cotton etc... It also can be used with raw fleece.  

- Row 3 has 69 holes, spaced approx 1.25cm apart to work with wool (yarn).  

The pegs:

When you buy this loom, you will receive two sets of wooden pegs - 69 thin wooden pegs and 47 thicker wooden pegs. The thin pegs fit in row 3 only, however the thicker pegs can be used in either row 1 or 2.  


To "warp" up your peg loom, you will need to pass string through the small hole at the bottom of each peg you will be using. We include a wire threader with every peg loom purchase which makes this process much easier.  


We will include a "Peg Loom Weaving Techniques Booklet" with every purchase to ensure you have the basics on how to get started, but if you'd like more detail, we recommend buying a copy of "Rag Rug Techniques for Beginners", which has three beginner peg loom projects to sink your teeth into. 

What else you will need:  

As well as the peg loom, pegs, threader and instructions included in this listing, you will need string to warp up your loom, fabric, a good pair of scissors and either a latch hook or large darning needle to sew in your tails. If you want to save yourself the effort of joining strips of fabric together, you may want to consider our 100% Wool Blanket Yarn or recycled sari silk ribbon or our Weaving Yarn - Chunky Knit which comes pre-cut into long strips. 

Want All the Tools to Peg Loom Weave?  

To begin peg loom weaving, you will need strong warp. This forms the framework which you weave in and out of. We sell warp separately on the Ragged Life website here or you can add 350g (1000 metres) of strong warp and a latch hook to finish your peg loom weaving (to sew in your ends) for £12 extra by selecting the second option on the drop down menu. 

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Interested in peg loom weaving but want to make smaller projects first? You may be interested in our Ragged Life Medium Peg Loom instead. With this loom, you can weave projects that are up to 50cm in width and as long as you like.