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Two String Loom


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About this product:

Two String Looms allow you to create long garlands of shaggy rag rugging, which add texture and interest to everyday items. So far, using this technique, we've made a five-foot Christmas tree, rugs, wreaths, baubles, and the ideas just keep coming! Detailed instructions for how to use a two string loom can be found in Elspeth's second book "Rag Rug Techniques for Beginners" or you may be interested in our Two String Loom Beginner Set, which includes instructions and everything you need to get started, except the fabric.  

The Two String Loom:

Our Ragged Life two string loom is made in the UK and has all the necessary features for you to suspend two taut strings on which to knot your rags. You can create any length of two string looming on it, but we've made the footprint as small as possible to minimise the space it takes up at home. There's not much to be said other than that it does the job and it does it well! 

What else you will need:

As well as the two string loom itself, you will need warp, fabric and a good pair of scissors. You could also invest in a Rag Rug Cutting Gauge here, which saves you time and effort cutting the fabric pieces to the same length. 


You can use any fabric scraps on a two string loom, however I recommend you stay away from very thick, stiff fabrics which are harder to knot around the strings. 

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